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Project Description
This is a plugin for MSN which allows you to use a Bluetooth device's precense to set your state in MSN. You set the plugin to point to any Bluetooth device and once the plugin cannot detect that device anymore it will set your status to away. If it finds it again, it will set it back online.

This is a Visual Studio 2008 Solution and Project structure. I will NOT be release a 2005 equivalent. If you want to do it, then feel free to post a patch with the .sln and .csproj files.

Once built (or if you grabbed the release), you must run two batch files:

InstallInTheHandToGAC.bat - that installs the Bluetooth library into the Global Assembly Cache
install.bat - that installs the plugin into the GAC as well

Since MSN Plugins run in a protected sandbox and what we are doing needs to have much broader access control we use the GAC.

If you need to rebuild all you will need to do is run the uninstall.bat file. It removes the MSN.Bluetooth.dll out of the GAC. Rebuild, and re-run install.bat. Rinse, repeat...

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